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Discovery Magazine 3/1/1997

What If?

by  Wayne Jackson, M.A.

 The Hebrew people were growing rapidly in Egypt, and that made the Egyptian pharaoh nervous. So he gave a command that Hebrew baby boys were to be killed. About this time Moses was born, but his parents were not afraid of the Pharaoh, so they hid little Moses for three months. Finally, Moses’ mother decided she must trust in God to protect her baby. She placed the little boy in a water-tight basket and put him in the reeds along the shore of the Nile River. But God was watching, for, as a New Testament writer tells us, Moses was “beautiful unto God” (Acts 7:20). He was found by the king’s daughter, who reared him as her own son. Later, Moses would lead the Israelite people to their freedom. Why was all of this so important? Because God had chosen the Hebrew people to be the nation from which Jesus Christ would come! And through that nation, God was preparing the whole world for the coming of His Son.

But have you ever thought about “what if”? What if Moses’ mother had not trusted the Lord and placed him in the basket? What if the current had carried it away? What if a crocodile had attacked the child? What if the basket had leaked and sunk? What if one of the king’s soldiers had found the child? What if Pharaoh’s daughter had told her father that she had found a Hebrew baby? What if Moses had not been prepared for his role as Israel’s leader? What if he had not led the Hebrew people to safety? What if Christ had not come?

It is truly amazing how carefully God works out so many details to bring about His will. We need to learn these wonderful lessons from history. God will work in our lives if we trust Him. 

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