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Discovery Magazine 3/1/1997

A Message From a Mummy

by  Wayne Jackson, M.A.

 You may have visited a museum containing objects from ancient Egypt. Maybe you have even seen a mummy. In Egypt, thousands of years before Christ was born, when a loved one died the family would have the body preserved. It would be wrapped with many strips of linen cloth. Sometimes even pets would be mummified. In the British Museum in London, there is the mummy of a chimpanzee--obviously someone’s special pet.

The Egyptians believed that there was another world after death, and they felt they must be prepared to enter it. The Egyptians were wrong in many of their beliefs. They worshipped hundreds of gods instead of the one, true God. Still, they spent much time and great expense in preparing for the future world.

We would be very wise ourselves if we recognized that our lives here on Earth are supposed to be a period of preparation. We should take great care to see that our souls are ready for the next life. That is why God gave us the Bible. Studying the Holy Scriptures can provide us with the instruction we need. Read God’s Word every day. 

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