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Discovery Magazine 3/1/1990

Learning from Mr. Woodpecker

by  Brad Bromling, D.Min.

Birds are wonderful creatures; we can learn so much from them. The way a bird is made teaches us the “Design/Designer” Rule. That rule is: “Where there is design, there must be a designer.” For example, the beak of each bird is designed (specially made) for its specific purpose or need. The bill of the stork is pointed for fishing, and the pelican has a pouch below his beak for holding food. Since these birds have specially designed beaks, we know there is a God who designed them!

Evolution teaches that creatures changed as the need arose. Is this true? Let us see what Mr. Woodpecker can teach us about this matter.

His beak is very hard and sharp. He also has a well-designed head with cushions between his skull and beak. This cushioning protects Mr. Woodpecker's head from damage when he taps away on the bark of a tree in his daily search for food.

If evolution were true, the forest floor would have been covered with woodpeckers who tried to evolve strong beaks and padded heads. Birds would have been lying everywhere with broken necks, shattered beaks, pounding headaches, and ringing ears! Really, if God had not made them, there would not be any woodpeckers at all! Any bird which had tried to become a woodpecker on his own would have given up the idea in a hurry; or died trying!

Thank you, Mr. Woodpecker, for showing that evolution is not true. God designed you!

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