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Discovery Magazine 8/1/1997

Science and Faith

We are living in an amazing world of modern science. We can fly around the globe in a few hours. We can talk with folks on the other side of the world. Doctors can perform surgery with a beam of light (laser surgery). It is truly a wonderful time to be alive.

In this modern age of science, is it still possible to believe that our Universe was created by God? Is it "dumb" to believe in the existence of a Creator? Many people have been led to believe that faith in God, and the facts of science, cannot be brought into agreement with one another. Some people, who still believe in some kind of Higher Power, see "God" only as a kind of "Force" (as inStar Wars). They do not think of the Creator as a loving Person Who has revealed Himself to the human family through the Scriptures.

Some writers claim that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has made it very hard, or even unnecessary, to believe in God. Darwin’s idea was that all living creatures developed from a single ancestor, an ancient form of life. Some teachers tell their students that "faith" is out-of-step with modern science. Does true science demand that we be atheists (people who deny the existence of God)?

Let us consider the history of science for a moment. We can say with very strong confidence that it was not atheism that brought us the rich discoveries of science. No, if you look back into history, and study about how science developed, you will see quickly that some of the greatest men and women of the scientific community were firm believers in the God Who has been made known in the Bible.

Early scientists were very interested in exploring the mysteries of the creation because they logically concluded that the Universe could not have made itself. Rather, it must have been made by a brilliant Architect (one who designs things). Many of these scientists were students of the Bible and respected it as the Word of God. In this issue of Discovery, we will look at several famous scientists who did not think it was foolish to believe in God. You, too, can have strong faith in this age of science.

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